Nokia 1 introduced in the UK with the Android Go edition


The new Nokia 1 mobile has been officially launched in United Kingdom, and it is the 1st cell phone to launch in the United Kingdom with Google’s Android new software “Go edition” on board. Android Go is a lighter type of the smart phone operating system precisely made to function on low price cell phones with less battery power under the cover.

What is Android Go?

Android Go is an entire new kind of Google’s operating system made precisely for users with low power gadgets that do not have much processing power or memory. It’s a lighter type of the Android Operating System and creates the system more enhanced for mobiles with lower performance specifications. It is made precisely for handsets with memory between 512 Mega Bytes to 1 Giga Bytes of memory, which are not very common but still exists. Mobiles like as the latest Motorola C or the Huawei mobile Y3 are expected to run on Android Go, because each of them has very small RAM.

How Android Go works?

Android Go adopts the working of Android O. Android Go attempts to create these work as better as they can on a low power device. The latest software also focuses on remaking the Google’s essential applications, like Gmail and Chrome to make sure that they consume low storage memory, processing battery and mobile data. Android Go will also offer optimized applications for the mobile in the Play Store provided by Google.

The main focus of the Android Go is to provide Android facilities to everyone with a cheap price and low power system. Other services like Android Go are also provided, for example YouTube Go, it offers downloading the videos and watching them later without using any data. MediaTek  is chipset companion for Android Go, with its MT6737, MT6739 and MT6580 system on chips now proposing support for Google’s paired down operating system.

The Nokia 1

The latest handset by Nokia, Nokia 1 is definitely cheap price, with a pay as you go cost of only 79 euros, and there is not great power under the hood also, with one Giga Byte RAM and a good MediaTek quad-core processing chipset. You still have entrance to the applications provided by the Google like Map, YouTube and Google Assistant but the phone has the Go versions of these apps to run on low power devices.

The handset is low cost, functional and not complex. The Nokia 1 has a 4 and a half inches display screen, 8 Giga Byte of ROM, 5 Mega Pixels primary and 2 Mega Pixels secondary camera and a battery with the capacity of 2150mAH. It is a simple hand set then, but the Nokia 1 is not made to excite, but reasonably to offer a working, cheap and basic handset experience. The phone is available in 2 colors, red and blue, and can be purchased by Vodafone, EE, Carphone Warehouse and O2.

The new Nokia handset is available for those who thought Android cell phones are expensive. The Nokia has made having an Android cell phone possible for almost everyone. Soon Android phones are estimated to take over the mobile industry.