Terror lyrics Spanish rapper on the run


    “Tomorrow is the day. Disobedience is legitimate and a duty. Here, no one surrenders,” the last words by the Spanish rapper known as Valtonyc before he went on the running.

    Presently his location and whereabouts are puzzle. A worldwide capture warrant has been issued as well as the Spanish web-based social networking is set up to brawl about the right to speak freely.

    Who is he?

    The 24 years old, whose name is Josep Miquel Arenas Beltran, was because of start a three years and 6 months jail sentence on Thursday for creating verses the Spanish judges ruled praise fear based oppression and affront the Spanish government.

    What he rapped in a song?

    In a song he rapped: “I want to send a message of hope to Spaniards: Eta is a great nation,” in the reference to Basque activist gathering.

    In another one he says”The king has a rendezvous at the village square, with a noose around his neck”.

    What he appealed to Supreme Court?

    The performer’s interest to Supreme Court, in light of the fact that he was secured by his entitlement to the freedom of his expression, was denied.

    The Tweet:

    The rebellious tweet, in which Valtonyc calls the Spain a “rightist state,” has been retweeted just about 40000 times along with the hashtag #FreeValtonyc was utilized to express help for rapper, including in excess of 350000 tweets, to a great extent supporting the artist.

    What Leaders, Journalist and others tweeted?

    Catalonia’s ex-pioneer Carles Puidgdemont, as of late confined in Germany subsequent to himself going into oust following Catalan autonomy choice a year ago, tweeted support and help for the artist:

    “All my affection to you for a difficult decision, but it allows you to continue defending values and fundamental freedoms without which there is no democracy.”

    Fonsi Loaiza who is Journalist tweeted:

    “Rapper @valtonyc is 24 years old and has had to leave his family to go into exile. He was going to prison for rapping, when he was 19, a song in Catalan against the King. In Spain there are 1,900 politicians charged with corruption, just 80 are in prison.”

    A twitter user named as Lulu tweeted “You are very brave. I would leave and denounce it away from here. Whatever you do, I’ll stick with you”.

    In the mean time, Ica Inca remarked that it was “dishonorable” individuals were turning the visually impaired eye to difficulties to flexibility of articulation in Spain.

    Anyway others censured the famous rapper for the savage verses, saying he was substance to rap “rough” verses yet escaped when it landed him stuck in an unfortunate situation.

    Another proposed the nation he has fled to won’t be cheerful in the event that he starts to rap on “executing their policeman”. In a current show, he yelled, “Execute a Civil Guard officer today around evening time.”

    Intolerance or Extremism

    The case is the most recent in a progression of feelings of specialists, movie producers and writers who have fallen foul of the anti terrorism rules and laws in Spain.

    Human rights amass Amnesty International has declared the activities “a managed assault on the right to speak freely” and “draconian”.

    The Spanish administration has shielded the enactment: “We have to fight against any sign of extremism or intolerance,” Juan Ignacio Zoido said.