On/Off Bromance between Trump and Kim


Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump had some good and bad times in the past. At times they both were praising one another and at times they were not. Both the leaders had some peaceful and some very annoying discussions over the time. Well this “bromance” had some pretty good and some pretty awful moments.

Union of two opposite powers

Two completely opposites finally attracted one another when American Prime Minister, Donald Trump, announced that he will be meeting South Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, on a meeting about creating and maintaining peace amongst both the countries. It was totally shocking news for everyone around the globe. As both the leaders and nations are entirely different and opposite. In our opinion, no one was expecting this kind of news.

We’ll be meeting

Donald Trump announced in a conference that he wants to pursue a peaceful future and that is why he will be meeting Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un said that he is looking forward to meet American prime minister as soon as possible. This seemed like very good behavior from both the leaders. South Korea sent their members to America to have some meetings with the prime minister or we can say that South Korea played matchmaker.

John Bolton’s statement

Everything was going kind of perfect but then United States Security Adviser, John Bolton, replied to a news anchor that: “I think that is right. We are looking at the Libya model of 2003 and 2004,” when asked by the anchor that, “Is it a condition that Kim Jong-un agreed to bargain those weapon before you give any kind of reduction?” And maybe this statement by the US Security Adviser made Kim Jong-un a little upset, as he didn’t look very pleased.

Kim’s Reply to John’s statement

After the interview of John Bolton, news came out that the plans of American Prime Minister meeting with Kim Jong-un are thrown in to the doubts. South Korea reported that, “They don’t have any kind of tolerance for one sided statements on fulfilling the nuclear weapons demands.”

When this tragedy happened, Donald Trump had to win Kim Jong-un all over again. Kim was not even thinking about keeping the statement that he made. But American Prime Minister had to try to win Kim Jong-un again. He called a press conference and made some statements to overcome the mistake made by US security adviser.


The United States even made Souvenir. The souvenir pictured Donald Trump and  Jong-un. The souvenir had “Peace Talks” imprinted on it.

North Korea frees some American prisoners and blew up its nuclear test site as a gesture. But the North Korean got angry with the United States once again. As a reply to this irritating behavior, Donald Trump got angry too. He stated in a press conference that he is cancelling the June 12 meeting with the North Korea.

This bromance between these two had seen many up and downs in just a short time. Denuclearization is the term on which both Trump and Kim cannot agree. So the question is that this bromance is over or not?