Real Madrid UCL Champions Third Time in a Row


The final of UCL Champions League was played last night between the finalists’ team, Liverpool and Real Madrid. The final was played in the Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The excitement of the football fans were on peak. In the past, football fan in Kyiv offered accommodation to the people coming from around the world. This step by the local doubled the excitement. The final was played and the best team won. Real Madrid won the match after 3-1 win.

Three in a Row

It was one of the most extremely awaited UEFA Champions League battles in current years, as containers Real Madrid encountered 5 time winners Liverpool at the football Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine. The Spanish titans were considering claiming the championship for a 3rd year in a row, while the Liverpool was aiming to triumph Europe’s uppermost club prize for the 1st time since 2005. The Spanish giants won the championship title for the 13th time. The Real Madrid fans are very happy about the third time win.

Coach Zidane

The Real Madrid coach and former football legend is quite happy with his team’s performance. He also made a comeback for his team in the FIFA Club World Cup as a European representative club. The event is planned after the mid of the current year. Real Madrid will be looking forward to defend the world champion title they won in 2017.

First Half of the Game

The first half of the game was a goalless half. Both of the teams failed to score any goal. Mohammad Saleh, the rising football star for Liverpool got injured in the first half when Sergio Ramos tried to tackle him. He injured his shoulder and was forced to leave the game. Liverpool fans were very disappointed when Saleh left the field. Another injury happened, when Madrid star footballer Dani Carvajal was forced to leave the field as well. Both the players were in tears when they left the football field. These two injuries made the first half of the game notable.

Second Half of the Game

The second half of the game was much exciting then the first one. Mohammad Saleh and Dani Carvajal were out of the field. When things were just going right Karius made a huge mistake when he tried to pass the ball but instead Benzema’s toe touched the ball and somehow he stroked a goal. Another goal but this time it was Liverpool’s Sadio Mane who scored the goal and equaled the goals 1-1. Bale, substitute player came into play and gained the lead for the Real Madrid with a kind of bicycle kick. Karius just had to watch the ball go into the goal. What a Goal! Bale made another attempt from around 35 yards and Karius made another mistake, the ball slipped through his hands and 3rd goal for the Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid won the match with 2 goals lead over the Liverpool. Karius mistakes lead his team to a shameful defeat, he seemed very upset and he apologized from the fans after the game. Real Madrid is the champions of the UCL Champions League as they retained the title for consecutive third time.