Brexit Rees Mogg does not wish to be the PM

Rees Mogg

Jacob Rees-Mogg, who as a pioneer of the ERG is secretly criticized by the Brexiters for not being sufficient enough with the Theresa May, calls her “the great and dutiful leader that this nation has had”. Mogg says “it’s not my business to advise her to do this or do that”, doesn’t preclude accepting the job of government and declares I will back her”. Driving Conservative Brexiteers Jacob Rees-Mogg has rejected media assumption he is intending to challenge Theresa May for the leadership of the party.

I wouldn’t challenge Theresa May

“I wouldn’t challenge Theresa May. That is an absurd thought. The prime minister has my full support. I don’t wish to be the prime minister,” he included, saying his only ambition was to get Brexit going”. He encouraged the PM to take a harder line on Brexit, saying blunders had been made. Mr. Rees-Mogg has been very critical of the PM’s preferred choice for the customs arrangements with the EU and has addressed whether her government is still on track to deliver the Brexit. Yet, he included: “I am reassured in the most recent week. I think the government is as yet committed. However, there are concerns, about the way negotiations are continuing.”

He said the executive had made a mistake toward the beginning of Brexit talks by committing the UK to an open border with the Republic of Ireland, saying it was overwhelmingly to Ireland’s greatest advantage to having one as well. He said it wasn’t right to consider briefly keeping the UK firmly attached to the EU’s traditions controls as a screen, trying to comprehend Irish border issue, saying if you offer a backstop that is more alluring than you’re probably going to negotiate from the opposite side’s perspective.

Denied trying to menace the prime minister

He also addressed cases this week by Jon Thompson, the head of HM Revenue and Customs that his own favored traditions options would cost the business up to £20bn, saying that seemed like a high figure. Mr. Rees-Mogg, who heads a significant group of Brexiteer Tory MPs. European Research Group, said staying in some type of traditions associated with the EU for quite a long time after Brexit – which some have recommended will be the result of the discussions with the Brussels – would not delivering on the Brexit. He denied endeavoring to menace the prime minister by guiding her, saying he was respectful of her position, including that she was the most noteworthy and dutiful leader that this nation has ever had. He also added there was no menace in me at all

Inquired as to whether he would back the PM regardless of whether she came back from Brussels with a deal he didn’t care for, he stated: “I will back the prime minister on delivering on the guarantees she made in the Conservative manifesto and in her different addresses.” Mr. Rees-Mogg is presently most loved at the bookmakers to be the following Conservative leader, yet he dismissed the speculation in the media that he was intrigued a test to Mrs. May, saying his only motivation was to guarantee “Brexit implies Brexit” from back benches.