A day before attack Belgium gunman killed


    In city of Belgium Liege has killed a man before one night of attacks

    This man has killed two of police women and a part of these two security officers he also has murdered a civil man.

    According to the Mr. Jan Jambon who is the minister of interior of the place, the murderer named who is named as Benjamin Herman, killed a past jailbird with whom he met at the jail when he was there.

    Identity of victims of the killer

    According to the reports of the media and members of investigation team the man who was the victim of the murderer was a man named as Michael Wilmet who was a man of 30 years old was a condemned drug dealer. He was killed with the repeated hits of the hammers.

    On the very next day two police women were murdered. One of them has been identified as Lucile Garcia, she was 53 years old while the second one was identified as Soraya Belkacemi, she was a man of 45 years.

    While the third victim of the killer was Cyril Vangriecken a person of age 22 year. He was sitting on a passenger seat of a neighboring car who was parked near there. He has been shot with gun.

    According to the prosecutor of this case they are handling this case as a case of terrorism.

    While the group of Islamic State (IS) stated that they assured their presence behind this terrorist attack in Belgium, as the attacks of before in the city.

    That gunman who is killer of all above personals also caught a female who was a cleaner hostage at a nearby school before the police killed him. But that lady was released safely. According to that lady who is serving as a cleaner in a school, Herman just came inside and asked her some questions before catching her.

    The questions asked by her was is she a Muslim by religion? And the second question from him was is she having fast in the holy month of Ramadan? According to the cleaner lady she answered both the questions by saying yes. After having a positive reply of both the questions the killer said to that lady that he will not say her anything. And he is going to leave her safe. She said then I beg him for not to go inside the school to harm children.

    According to officials reports the man caught shouting a word many times during his attacks. And the word he shouted was ALLAH O AKBER. This is an Arabic word which means that ALLAH is the Greatest. This killer was a prisoner and remained in a jail for very long time from his teenage. And he was in jail because of his criminal activities like drug offences according to the report of police.

    Well, humanity is the first thing to come. Cruelty is not being taught by any of religion in the world. So just take care of your surroundings. And never harm others.