Matt Leblanc will not be the part of Top Gear anymore


Matt Leblanc is an American TV personality. He is a playing as main lead of the top serial named Top Gear. But according to the recent reports he is going to leave the series Top Gear. He said he will not work He is a famous TV actor as well as the most popular comedian. He is a host and producer too. Top Gear is a series being on aired since 2002. Matt Leblanc will leave the series Top Gear at the end of next series. He will not be a part of the series Matt Leblanc any longer.

Top Gear series

Top gear is a top motor magazine series of British. For the first it was launched in the month of October, 2002. Genre of the Top Gear series is Motoring entertainment.

BBC is going to present two new series one of them is known as Friends and the other one is known as Episodes star.  These two shows were being on aired along with the Chris Evans in the year of 2016. Matt Leblanc is going to join a show along with the two famous personalities Rory Reid and Chris Harris in a front show at the time when Evan goes out from the serial after the first series being on aired.

Matt Leblanc confessed in front of media about Top Gear

Matt Leblanc said that I am admitting that to be a part of Top gear is really a fun. I am enjoying working with the great team if the great series. But the load of work is being a great problem for me. Despite of heavy load of work I am also having a main problem of my commitments with time and extreme level of travelling. Due to which I was unable to stay with my family for a long period of time and I was not able to give the time to my friends too. To manage circle of my friends as well as family with my career was being a tougher job for me.

So, I decided to take a firm decision about how could I tackle the things in a better way. According to him, he considered the situation very unlucky but he has to do this to be comfortable with his family. He also said that while I am facing these continuous issues I will not be able to involve in this show anymore. But I am a great fan of the series top gear and I’ll be the fan of it in future too. I want to wish the team a great success ahead with this great show. And I am hoping that the team will do more and more with this and will show a great series in the coming time. In the coming series of Top Gear, we have a big surprise for the fans.

Last series of Top Gear was a fabulous series and was praised by the fans in all the world. So its being hopped the coming series will also get popularity worldwide.