Motor neuron patients will get the new neck braces 


    The people who are having motor neuron disease for them a new type of neck brace has been discovered by the members of University of Sheffield. This unique neck collar gets a great change in the lives of people effected by motor neuron patients. This neck brace just changes quality of life of people effected by motor neuron disease. This disease defects the muscles with the passage of time. And at the certain level there comes a point in a patient’s life that he cannot support his head.

    Reaction of a patient after using the neck brace made by the members of University of Sheffield

    One of motor neuron disease’s patient named Philip Brindle told after using the neck brace that it has opened opportunities in my life that I could never think about to have them in my life.

    According to another 72 years old patient of motor neuron disease in 2015 he was diagnosed by the doctors as a motor neuron patient, since then he was unable to move his head and was unable in picking his head up and he did not want to be seen in the public anymore. He said, before using this neck brace, for me it was not possible to move my head up and I was very disappointed by this problem. Because with this problem you are unable to eat, not able to watch TV, even you can’t communicate with someone in that position.

    The designer of this motor neuron disease’s neck collar claimed that 25 Health Service trusts are using that brace now in the treatment of their patients of motor neuron disease.

    What Motor neuron disease actually is

    Multiple conditions that are being a reason for nerves of backbone and brain to gradually lose their function. this is a unique type of neurodegeneration. This is a disease about which no curing strategy has been discovered yet. Motor neurons are the cells that send the outgoing signals to perform some action to muscles. So, well in this disease these cells are being affected and lost their ability to perform the specific actions that they have to. There is no specific age for this disease.

    Motor neuron disease affects the nerves gradually. At the very starting level it affects the nerve’s function. Then there comes a point of wasting muscles. And then at critical level there comes problem in movement of muscles.

    Director of research and development of the organization said that this collar is being liked and preferred by the people who are using it.

    According to a survey report of UK, up to 5,000 adults of UK has been affected by the motor neuron.

    Neck brace

    This brace consists of very soft fabric. It is being designed by the same material which NASA is using to prepare their space suits. It has some extra shapes for supporting purpose that helps in providing stability.

    In the past collars made of soft foam was being used for this purpose that were unable to provide support and stability. So instead of recommending that brace to the patient this should be given to them.