Disney sued by Michael Jackson estate over a documentary


Estate of Michael Jackson has sued a broadcaster for broadcasting a documentary film based on the last days of Michael Jackson without getting permission from related authorities of the state of Michael Jackson. This broadcaster belongs to United states. The complainer mentioned the broadcaster as Broadcaster ABC in this case.

 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is a popular pop star and a famous dancer of his era. His complete name was Michael Joseph Jackson. He was an American performer. He was also a famous song writer. He was known as the most famous star of all over the world. He still has the highest number of fans. The dance moves used by him is now well known all over the world and his dance style is known as MJ’s style. He died in the month of June, 2009. he became the most selling artist of music industry during the year of his death.

Legal action taken by estate against broadcasters for broadcasting the life of Michael Jackson without getting a legal permission.

Broadcaster ABC who is being cooperated by the Walt Disney as a party to defend the case.

Documentary based on the life of Mr. Michael Jackson

The duration of documentary that was being broadcasted was 2 hours. It was based on the last moments of the great pop star. Documentary was broadcasted on the May 24. In this documentary the developers or makers of the documentary tried well to explore the life of the legend Michael Jackson. They tried hard to explore the bequest and career of the Michael Jackson.

Objections of the complainer

Complainer said in the complaint against the broadcaster that the lifeblood of any kind of business of state is its legal property. No one has right to use it for the sake of their benefit without having legal permission. But in this matter Disney tried to decide that it can use the legal property of estate with no cost.

According to the notice given by the court, objections against this issue were being raised by the estate before the time of show being on aired.

According to the lawyer from the defender’s side stated that they did not use the music illegally. Use of music was legal use for this documentary. Because it was the demand of the nature of documentary. According to ABC broadcaster film is not outlying the rights of estate towards their legal property. The reason behind the death of Michael Jackson was an overdose of drugs.  In the June 2009 he died because he took an extra dose of drugs which his body could not bear and laid him to death. Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 years. He is in the top list of the personalities who earned highest even after his death. Estimated earnings of music records of Michael Jackson within the duration of five years was $75 million.

Music is a way to describe the emotions. But proper and legal actions should be done before making a biography of someone’s life.