The research and doubts on healthy obesity


Healthy life is a great blessing of the Lord. A healthy person will surely have a peace in his life.


Obesity is a state of a person when he gains a lot of weight and becomes an over weighted person. Obesity is the cause of many heart related diseases and cardiovascular diseases. A person having overweight will have an increase in cholesterol level.

Healthy obesity is in doubt

A state of a person having overweight but is still healthy and fit in his routine life is known as healthy obesity. Healthy obesity was considered as a healthy lifestyle. But recent research on the healthy obesity has made everyone confused about healthy obesity.

According to recent researches people having obesity (healthy or unhealthy) especially females have a high chance of having cardiovascular diseases. This analysis is done in United States and in this analysis health of women is being tracked. These women were 90,257 in numbers and all were the age of up to 30 years.

Females who were having higher weight was suffering from the strokes and having more chances of heart attack. Even if their body conditions and internal body system was norm al like their noted blood pressure was quite normal. They were having no diabetes and their cholesterol level was normal too. According to researchers’ health obesity will not harm someone.  Obesity causes almost every kind of disease related to cardio vessels. These diseases include high cholesterol level.

High level of blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and stroke etc. but research shows some people despite of having higher weight did not show any kind of symptoms of above mentioned diseases. Although they are having normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol level and no higher sugar level and no disorder in the process of metabolism. They are having all the symptoms of a healthier life. These people have made the scientists confused about their theories of obesity causes cardiovascular diseases.

Results of recent researches

Scientists after performing more researches on the issue of obesity declared that the females who are having more weight means having percentage of Body Mass Index from 25 to 35 correspondingly but yet not having any of the risks that obesity gets with it. They will have a higher chance of having these issues in future then the females having normal weight according to the measurement of Body Mass Index. Calculated risk factor of obesity holder females lies between 20 per and 39 per then normal weighted females.

Studies also proved that the females having healthy metabolic are also suffering from high blood pressure issues, high cholesterol problems with growing older, even they are not obese, and having quite normal weight.


Check your Body Mass Index level regularly to find where you fall in the health scale either in normal range or in obese range. If you are a food lover then keep in mind that after having your meal move your body enough to utilize all the fats and energy you ate.