DELL vs HP which one is Better?


This is the era of technology in which we are living now. Personal computers and laptops are being used in every field of life. Students needs computer for making assignments, presentations, for preparing quizzes, for research etc. Teachers need to have computers for research, for getting more knowledge from online sources etc.

Office persons need to have laptops or PC’s for preparing reports, for preparing official letters etc. well, in a nut shell, person belongs to any field today needs personal computers or laptops to fulfill needs of their job and also to fulfill their requirements. So, it is very important to have the best laptop which can fulfill your needs.

Price range

Not everyone has a great amount to pay for having a laptop. So, if you are one of them who has small amount to pay then you should have HP as a better choice.

Looks that have the ability to attract the customer

Look of laptop of Dell is more appealing then HP. Hp has very sophisticated shapes while if you look at the laptops of Dell brand they are pretty attractive in their designing and finishing.

Comparison of specific features of laptops and their performance

Hp has greater number of features for their users than dell. And it is also said that the performance of hp is much better than dell too. Battery life of hp is also much better than dell. And battery timing of dell does not decrease gradually with the passage of time.

The main thing to notice is how many options each company is offering to its buyers

As you can get more variety in the laptops of dell in the market than hp. While purchasing things intention of customers in mostly cases bent from original values. So, for having the attention of this kind of customers company has to offer more variety of options for the customers to satisfy them.

Customer care priorities of both of the companies

It is realized truth that the company of dell is very caring about their customers and for their satisfaction. They do their best to satisfy their customers. While on the other hand HP company is not much concerned much with the customer care. They are unable to get trust of their customers and have no strategies to satisfy the customers in a better way.

Well, it does not matter that you are going to buy a laptop of $300 or going to pay $1000 to buy a new laptop. This would be your best investment because this is a thing that you may have need to operate for a complete day or for two to four hours in a day depending on your need and type of work.

So, you surely wish to have a laptop which has higher speed, better battery life, best features, fast processor and much more. So, read the specifications of the laptop first before buying that and know well either it can fulfill your needs or it is better to move for something better.