Top 3 benefits of doing yoga


Yoga is a very important exercise that can be done physically. It consists of different type of postures to perform this exercise. It was firstly used as spiritual discipline by Hindus to get a very peaceful mind and body.

They believed that yoga helps in getting peace in to them and it also helps in improving your inner strength as well as to make their level of concentration high. Yoga is now widely being used in all over the world for the sake of better health and also for getting the higher level of relaxation. Yoga is a word derived from the Sanskrit language, it has the meaning “join together”. The actual meaning of this join together is the connection of mind with the body in a very concentrated and peaceful environment.

How many times in a week you should practice yoga?

Yoga is just amazing in it. Because it is not required a lot of your work to do practice, even if you are going to practice yoga for only one hour in a week you will get tremendous results. But if you are a beginner then for you it is best to practice yoga for 1 hour or the time half of it, two to three times in a week for getting the best results.

Top 3 benefits of practicing yoga as your daily exercise

  1. Researches has proved that yoga may be very helpful in dropping weight of your body, to regulate your level of blood pressure, also in decreasing the level of cholesterol of your body and to maintain the level of glucose.
  2. According to a recent study done in the  Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, yoga helps you to decrease the level of depression, it helps to control your anger and also to decrease the anxiety level.All of the participants who took participate in this research were using antidepressants on regular basis, but they showed prominent decrease in symptoms after taking 20 yoga classes only.
  3. Yoga can also help to decrease the occurrence of migraine pains, this was claimed according to a research results that was published in 2007 in the journal Headache.

Other benefits of having yoga

  • It increases the level of flexibility of your body.
  • It helps in Building your muscle strength.
  • It helps to make your posture perfect.
  • It helps to Stops tendon and prevents your joints from breakdown.
  • It helps in providing protection to your backbone.
  • It helps to Improve the health of your bones by strengthen them.
  • It helps to regulate the flow of blood in your body.
  • It helps to Sanitate your lymph’s and increases immunity.
  • It helps to control your anger.
  • It helps to increase concentration level.


As yoga is giving your body and mind peace with a lot of above mentioned benefits. But keep in mind that yoga is a collection of multiple postures. Each posture is being used for specific purposes. So check the advantage of posture first, that you are going to try


  1. Our mental health and physical health is related and if one of this is unwell, it also make the other unwell. Yoga is a great technique to maintain mind body alignment. There are a lot of yoga postures which are beneficial for maintaining a fit, strong, flexible and balanced body and there are also a lot of breathing exercises, relaxation workouts and meditations which are beneficial for maintaining a calm, stable and focused mind. Practicing yoga help us to maintain a harmonious and balanced physical and psychological health.