Ariana Grande is suffering from PSTD


    PSTD basically stands for posttraumatic stress disorder.  It is a mental health trouble that some people develop after witnessing or experiencing any life threatening incident, like some natural disaster, a car accident, combat, or a sexual assault. It’s totally usual to have upsetting reminiscences like feeling yourself on the edge, or having trouble in sleeping after seeing or experiencing some dreadful incident.

    At first, it may be tough to perform normal daily activities, like go to school, go to work, or spend time with people you care about. However most of the people start to feel better after a few weeks or months. But in case if the problem is been longer than a few months and you are still having issues in going out and focusing on your lives then you may have PTSD.

    How to manage PSTD?

    PTSD can occur to any person. It is not a symbol of weakness. Having a very strong or long lasting traumatic event or getting wounded during the happening can make it more probable that a person will build up PTSD. Ariana Grande is also suffering from PSTD after Manchester attack.

    Stress is natural and normal part of human life. It is impossible for person to avoid stress. But managing stress lies in individual’s hands. There are some of the five ways which helps you in dealing with stress. These are as follows:

    • Make a complete plan for your day
    • Focus fully on your most important tasks
    • Get more rest
    • Talk out your situation
    • Look for the lesson

    Keep in account of all the important stuff of yours and start doing it. Every day brings new challenges with itself. Plan all your activities in advance. It benefits you more when you face a stressful time in your life. One of the biggest problems which are seen in organizations now days is “Failure to execute”. There are many people who confuse activity with accomplishment. Having a proper plan for your day will make you feel like you are in control. You do not have to waste your time about thinking anything. Practice is basically the key to master in your skills.

    Time Management

    Time is one of the most valuable things in person’s life. Time is irreplaceable and cannot be saved. Everything requires time. It is one of the most precious resources. The act of captivating a moment to think about your time before you spend it will helps in improving your time management skills and increase your productivity right away.

    Becoming an expert in time management will help you in reducing your stress levels largely. Breaking down every activity and task in your day will enable you to make a big picture a lot less frightening.  Successful people are those who perform their major tasks first and then discipline themselves to work gradually and obsessively until all such tasks are complete. The happening of any problem is not in our hands but the strength of dealing with the issue is.