Terminal breast cancer beaten by remarkable therapy?

Breast cancer

According to the US researchers, the life of a woman with mortal breast cancer has been saved by a revolutionary new-fangled treatment. The treatment involves the pumping of 90 billion cancer-killing immune cells into the body of women. The treatment involves the sequenced genome of the cancer in order to recognize and spot that which elements of the cancer cells may be “visible” to the patient’s immune system. The team at the US National Cancer Institute says that the treatment is still experimental and new, but possibly will transform the dealing of all cancer.

Living treatment

The technology is a living drug made up from patient’s own cells at one of the world’s most leading centers of cancer study. The therapy remains tentative and still requires significantly more testing before it can be used more extensively. A patient’s tumor is heritably analyzed in order to classify the rare changes that may make the cancer noticeable to the immune system.


There is an endless variety of delicious and healthy food which helps a person in maintaining their weight and power. The weight loss can help in improving your health and also protects you from different diseases. As proper diet protect the body from different diseases similarly an improper and unhealthy diet can put a person into lot of serious diseases.


Meat includes pork, chicken and beef. Human beings are omnivores and are able to eat both vegetables and meat. The problem which people face today is that the meat available in markets is not pure. It comes from animals that were pumped with antibiotics and full of hormones which them in growing faster. The intake of meat helps in providing people more omega-3 than omega-6. It will provide more linoleic acid (CLA). Linoleic acid helps in increasing lean mass and lowering body fats. But according to the study and research it is found that women who ate the most red meat in early adulthood or teenage years had an increased risk of mounting breast cancer later in their life.





Eggs are considered to be one of the healthiest foods on planet. The egg yolk is considered to be one of the most nutritious parts.  According to the study and research, it is observed that eating eggs will prevent a person from heart diseases. Eating eggs will provide zeaxanthin and unique antioxidants which are considered important for keeping the eyes healthy and strong. Eggs are more nutritious and help you being strong and healthy. The intake of eggs also lowers down the risks of breast cancer Risk. According to a survey it is found that eating butter can slightly increased breast cancer risk in women.


The supplement which you normally add with your diet and food should be pure and hygienic. There are different oils and healthy fats available in market these are coconut oil, butter, olive oil, lard and much more. Olive oil is hygienic and keeps your body healthy and strong.