Lady Gaga from Japan Kyary Pamyu

Lady Gaga

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is one of the Japan’s major pop superstars and an odd monarch of Harajuku style. Cheers to her colorful, overexcited-dynamic party songs, she is one of the some J-Pop superstars to cross to the West, charming confirmations from admires of Katy Perry, Charli XCX and Ariana Grande; along with curating an exposition, The World Goes Pop, for modern art gallery in London, Tate Modern.


Initially a style blogger and fashion model, she released a melodious profession at the age of just 18 years, when creator Yasutaka Nakata cheered her to attempt singing. He has inscribed and created all of her following songs, from the 2011’s energetic viral hit PonPonPon, over to present’s Kimino Mikata, which has a firmer, electric power (and one of the peak inspiring song videos of the year).

In the conveyor sash world of J-Pop her permanence is uncommonness; but that is for she preserves a secure grasp on her image: A combination of Kawaii (adorability) and the outlandish, that’s developed and matured as she has hit her mid-20s. The superstar, born Kiriko Takemura, just arrived to the United Kingdom with her spooky home themed worldwide trip. As she does not communicate much in English, we guided beside Orono Noguchi, the Japanese-native front woman of indie group Superorganism (and self-proclaimed Kyary great-fan) to talk to her.

The Interview

Orono: I have never done a discussion earlier.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Surely?

What is the BBC discerning, inquiring a mere 18 year old child to interview with the Kyary? Best of Luck!

Orono:What have you be there hearing recently?

Kyary: I have been paying attention to (Japanese band) CHAI.

Orono: Is that actually what you are paying attention to!? I am a big follower!

Kyary: Are you? I am going to perform in a show with them shortly.

Orono: What is your favorite?

Kyary: It’s on the top-secret menu: Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino. I esteem Frappuccino with chocolate chips.

Orono: Wow! Are there flavors you do not like?

Kyary: Well, I cannot drink coffee, it is so bitter.

Orono: Yep. I can only drink coffee with lots of milk and sugar.

Kyary: I cannot even take that.

Orono: When I arrived to London for the very first time, my band mates surely adored coffee. They are in their late 20s and genuine grownups. I had coffee each morning with them – just to link – but my abdominal upset with me aggressively.

Kyary: You tried your best. I would not take coffee.

Orono: In the West, you are frequently titled ‘Japan’s Lady Gaga’. What do you consider of that?

Kyary: Lady Gaga had a very flashy appearance with massive influence at the start. I am very happy to be labeled like that. But you will get exhausted of being unusual after some time. I consider she is developing and I am visually developing as well. That is how it is.


She has been called the Lady Gaga from Japan due to her looks and style. Let’s see if she really is Japan’s Lady Gaga or not.