Russia is not ready to divide EU


Russian President, Vladimir Putin has claimed Russia is not looking to split the EU. He was talking hours before coming to Austria, on his first-ever tour to Western Europe in about a year. He stated to Austrian ORF television he desired a “combined and flourishing” EU, shouting it Russia’s greatest vital marketable and financial companion. The pro-Putin United Russia has adjacent relations with far-right parties in the European Union, which frights many open-minded people. The two majority’s parties are now presiding Italy favor nearer draws with Moscow and are together Eurosceptic.

Splits on Russia sanctions

The FPO has some important pillars in Austria’s union government – it is in control of the inside bureau and defense – and speaks it needs to catch the EU authorizations on Russia elevated. Though, the union has decided to support EU strategy on agreements. Italy’s fresh government responsively titled for an analysis of EU agreements on Tuesday, beginning with those that “impend public civilization in Russia”.  Russia’s occupation of Crimea in 2014 activated the agreements, later increased up as Russia aided protesters in eastern Ukraine, and affairs with the EU continue cold. The EU processes target persons and businesses convoluted in Russia’s movements in eastern Ukraine, where above than 10,000 individuals have been murdered as the battle arose.

Vladimir Putin

“The extra complications at the nature of the EU, the more dangers and complications there are for us,” Mister Putin told ORF. “We must build collaboration with the EU. We do not have an aim of separating whatever or anyone in the EU.” When ORF inquired Mister Putin why he didn’t indicate Mister Navalny’s name in open he disrespectfully terminated the anti-corruption candidate, stating his provision was “only a little percent”. “What are we thought to do with such jokers?” he inquired.

Putin to visit Austria and Vienna

Mister Putin is gathering wit Austrian President and Chancellor, plus industry frontrunners. Minor Austria proposes Vladimir Putin a huge chance – as geo-political as it is financial. Mister Putin is strong to smash out of the independence – and the agreements – forced on Russia by the West subsequently its takeover of Crimea 4 years before. He is totally alert the Western association is currently tense by strains amongst Europe and the Trump government, and he expects to abuse them. Austria was the leading Western state to import Soviet gas fifty years back, now a 3rd of Europe’s gas originates from Russia and that quantity is rising. Russia’s head of state is going to Vienna in a self-assured attitude.


Chancellor Kurz

When inquired about his position on Russia, Chancellor Kurz believed Austria would “choose practically whether to collaborate with somebody ethically”. “We attempt to effort with those who openly prompt the desire themselves to effort with us,” he stated.

What particular name a “new emotionless conflict” was also powered by Russia’s part in the Syrian public fighting and the killing of an ex-Russian dual agent, Sergei Skripal, and his descendant, in the southern England. The UK accused the Kremlin for that violence; Russia angrily repudiated any part in it. Pro-Putin campaigners have been blamed of giving “false news” on social media to weaken the dangerous Western attitude on Russia and aid allows autonomists in the EU.