1960s Woman Latic tennis star is not among us anymore


Maria Bueno, A famous tennis star of the era of 1960, who belongs to brazil is no more with us in this world. She was a shining star of 1960. 1960 was the time when she was in full action in the game and that time period was the highest time period of her career. She left this world for ever in the age of 78 years. She was the most successful player of tennis in the area of South America. She was born in Sao Paul. Her complete name was Maria Ester Bueno. She created a history in her short career.

Victories of the tennis super star Maria Bueno

In his career, during the time period from the year 1950 to the year of 1960 she got his golden time period of her career. In this golden time period of her career she won major titles having the quantity 19. She also got three titles of Wimbledon Singles. In this shining time of her career, she got four championships of United States of America.

She was the first lady of the south America who created history by winning the first title of Wimbledon singles. Although she was not having enough resources to get formal coaching during the period of her teenage. She cleared the scene of Brazil by winning the Italian Championship in the year of 1958. In that competition she beat one of the best players who belonged to Australia and England.

While in the same year she went to play for Wimbledon doubles with a very famous player who belonged to America named as Althea Gibson. They win that competition too in the same year of their careers.

She agonized from the dangerous disease of Mouth Cancer

Very Recently she was caught admitted in a hospital. She was suffering from the disease of mouth cancer. She was in extreme pain at that time.

Before, during her career she was suffering from the problem of elbow. Due to her elbow issues her career became shorter. According to her the main issue behind her problem of elbow was high weighted tennis rackets made of wood that was being used in the game at that time.

An American Editor wrote about her

Mr. Leonardo Rocha, An American editor who belongs to the BBC, recently wrote about the tennis star Maria Bueno, A sensation of Self Taught personality, Miss Maria Bueno, was considered to be a leading power in the game. She was a lady who brought a new grace to the game of tennis.

Michel Tamer, President of Brazil gave a tribute to her by posting good words about Maria Bueno on his tweeter account. He wrote on tweeter that the nation is going to remember her forever and she will stay in the hearts of Brazilians as the one of the top stars of tennis.

Well, stars are always stars, either they are with us or not present anymore with us. They are alive in the hearts of their nations with good memories and their victories.