How to keep yourself safe from heat stroke


The ozone layer that protects the earth and human beings from the harmful sun rays and the scorching heat is damaging day by day due to the increased rate of pollution over the years. This has caused numerous warnings by the concerned authorities over the years to prevent heat stroke that has already taken a lot of the lives. The heat which elevates our body temperature that even causes death is the worst kind of the temperature rise in which the person feels lethargic, exhausted, dehydrated, and falls short of breath which ultimately results in a sudden demise.

This can be controlled if proper preventive measures are taken suggested by the medical experts. However, it might not be possible for them to reach out to every single person that too if they don’t have an access to the electronic media. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness through every source of technology especially the internet that is the most used medium in today’s era by everyone including the underprivileged citizens.

Causes of Heat Stroke

The causes of heat stroke include:

  1. Exposure to the extreme temperature environment:

The hot environment caused by the immense rise in the temperature causes heat stroke in which the person when exposed to heat fails to manage and adjust with the rise in the body temperature.

  1. Intense physical activity:

Intense physical activity in the extreme temperature also causes the person to suffer from the heat stroke due to which the body temperature rises because of the excessive physical activity.

  1. Excess clothing layers:

Excess clothing layers in the hot temperature also cause heat stroke in which the person’s body reacts to the outside temperature and weakens from the inside.

  1. Dehydration:

Dehydration is one of the major causes of heat stroke in which the person does not intake the required amount of water/fluid and becomes victim to the highly heated temperature.

Preventive measures for heat stroke

  • Sufficient fluid intake:

Water or fluid intake is very important as it helps in keeping the body hydrated throughout the day regardless of the temperature. Hence, make sure to drink plenty of water from time to time in order to avoid the heat stroke.

  • Ventilated clothes:

Wearing loose clothes with proper ventilation is also an essential point to be noticed while taking preventive measure for the heat stroke. Light color with soft and breathable fabric is the best type of the clothing in the hot weather.

  • Apply sunscreen:

Applying sunscreen in an excess amount allows the body to prevent the heat from reaching the body and raising the inner temperature.

  • Rest:

It is alright to rest and save yourself from the over-exertion on the hot temperature because otherwise, you might also suffer from the heat stroke despite all the preventive measures.

  • Do not stay in the heated vehicle for a prolonged time:

Staying in the vehicle in the hot temperature is not suggested and should not be practiced unless very necessary.

Heat stroke is an alarming body condition that has taken too many lives already. Hence, make sure to follow the above-mentioned instructions suggested by the medical experts in order to avoid the extreme condition of the heat stroke.