US Navy contractor’s system hacked by China


    A report against China by media of United States of America


    In a news report, media of United States has claimed that China has hacked the system of contractors of navy of United States of America. According to that report FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) an agency of United States off America is investigating this matter from the government of China.

    The contractor system that china has hacked of United States of America contains very sensitive data of security forces.

    According to a report of officials of United States of America, hacked system of contactors of Navy of United States also contains the data and important information about a missile project named as supersonic missile project.

    CBS news has confirmed about the attack that hackers attacked the system this year in the months of January and February. Attackers attacked the system that was linked to a military organization of United States of America. This organization is working for the projects of research and development about the weapons being used under water and also about the submarines.

    An intelligence officer of United States of America is accused for helping a Chinese agent.

    In this act of hacking the system of contractor of United States of America, according to a media report it has been claimed that a previous intelligence officer of United States is convicted in the matter for providing the top important and secret documents to an agent of China.

    According to a report from the justice department of United States of America, under the act of Federal Espionage, a citizen named Kevin Mallory, a man of age 61 years has been found guilty, and he is now bearing a punishment that is whole life in prison and he was charged on the date September 21.

    Data of Projects that has been stolen

    In the United State of America’s contactors case, Washington Post has been informed by the officials that the organization whose data has stolen is working for the undersea projects for the Navy of United States of America. They also claimed that the data that has been hacked was also related to a very important project named Sea Dragon. And also included the important information of electronic unit of warfare library about the development project of submarine of navy.

    There also exists information about the plantation of a missile that was going to be installed on a navy submarine in the year of 2020. This complete data about the system of contractors was saved on an unsystematic network.  It is being considering that the data was top secret due to its link of many future projects related to defense issues and also because of the nature of technology that was under processing.

    According to a report given by the commander of Navy of United States of America, the process was on the way we are requiring the companies that can be notified, when the incident of cyberattack came into existence.

    Well, to say further details about this incident is not so appropriate. Because Us navy is investigating this matter by itself with the help of FBI.