G7 summit dodged by rifts between the US and its allies


US president Mr Donald Trump is attending the G7 summit in Canada with members of different industrial nations. Due to the ongoing conflicts between the US and its allies based on the imposed tariffs, the g7 summit has failed to provide conclusive results.

It will not be wrong to say that Mr Trump is having bad days. Earlier this month, US president imposed taxes on aluminium and steel imports to some of the member countries of g7, which led to huge rifts between its allies and are uplifting horrors of global trade wars.


What is G7 summit:


G7 is the annual summit between the 7 major industrialized countries of the world that are- Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Russia was also a part of the summit, but in 2014 it was eliminated from the group, because of its affiliation of Crimea from Ukraine.


The summit is held to discuss global economic issues, international security and energy policy. This year’s key points of issues included:


  • Inclusive economic growth
  • International security
  • Gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • future jobs
  • Climatic changes and oceans.


Origins of the rifts:


On March 1, Trump stated that the US would apply a 25% tariff, or tax, on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminium imports. Initially, the tariffs were applied as short-term exemptions on European Union, Canada, Mexico and South Korea.


Trump declared that the tariffs would become permanent only if the allies responded to a substitute procedure of export control to reduce the number of metals coming into the US.

Moreover, he explained that the implication of taxes will give protection to local producers, that is important for the security of the country.


But, as a result of the steps taken by Trump, US allies came into a rage. The European Union went so far that it refused to have any conversations with the US until it removed all the taxes. Despite that, Trump announced that the trades restrictions will be applied to the allies on June 1.


These judgements were received huge criticism by the g7 allies, who strongly condemned the justifications of national security provided for the tariffs imposed. This has led to various distances between the countries. The EU has also infused taxes on various US goods. Canada and Mexico are also planning for retaliatory decisions.


A spokesperson of German government stated,” We consider this unilateral measure to be illegal; the cited grounds of national security do not stand up”.

On Friday, Canada’s foreign minister stated that the tariffs are illegal. European Council president said that they terrify the rule-based international order. British prime minister Theresa May referred to Trump’s decisions as ” unjustified and deeply disappointing”. She also said that she wants EU to act with moderation.


On the other hand, Trump also added that Russia should be invited back to g7. However, most of the allies were against the idea and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that they must not forget why Russia was removed from g7 at the first place.


Mr Trump does not like to have long discussions with the allies, so he will be leaving the summit well before it ends. However, there are still doubts whether the reports released will be accepted by all, when the summit concludes