Smart Meters Saving Lives


Smart Meters are saving lives according to Access Install LTD the fast Growing Smart Meter MOP/MAM/MAP in the United Kingdom. Smart Meters have received a lot of positive attention recently, with consumers realising the cost savings they can achieve, by using their energy more intelligently.

However, it’s not just Energy bills that Smart Meters are saving. According to Access Install LTD they have found nearly 250 gas leaks, and 500 dangerous electricity meters that would have otherwise caused damage had they not been replaced with Smart Meters.

Access Install believes that their trained engineers are detecting a lot of existing dumb meters, have either come to the end of their shelf life, or they had previously not been installed correctly, and are causing gas leaks or leaving dangerous electricity wires open to either abuse or damage.

Access Install believes that the smart meter rollout, whilst important to the UK’s grid infrastructure change, actually shows the importance is on the safety of those meters that have been on the wall for 20-30 years. Smart Meters will replace all dumb meters by 2020 according to governments plans, but there are a lot of customers who are not interested in replacing their old, potentially dangerous meters for the new versions.