Smart Meter Scaremongering becomes concerning


Smart Meter Scaremongering in the UK is now becoming concerning. Smart Meters are consistently finding themselves under attack, with spurious, factually incorrect articles, that both mislead and misinform the UK people.

Companies such as The Telegraph, Daily Mail and various other PR Related news outlets, are consistently producing factually incorrect, misleading articles. It is no coincidence that they are heavily donated to by, one of the largest lobbying companies in the UK.

Smart Meters present the biggest infrastructure change in the UK’s history since World War 2, meaning that the rollout will be hit with various set backs.

However, the success is clear for all to see. The rollout currently employs c. 15,000 people across the UK, with a fiscal output of £540,000,000 Million domestic wages paid annually.

With Smart Meter set to be installed in all homes by 2020, it is time to back smart meters, as there are currently 11 million smart meters installed.